Other Assistance

Grants to individuals

We provide grants to individuals in need of assistance primarily for health and care related issues, care and support for the elderly or for people with a disability and/or their families and carers. Requests for other types of assistance by individuals in need will also be considered. Each application is assessed on an individual basis. Preference will be given to things that are not be funded, or fully funded, by government or other agencies. We will meet the gap between other funding and actual costs or needs. For example if you receive home help for two days but need home help for four days we will consider funding the shortfall.



Any person living in Loch, Poowong, Bena, Nyora and surrounding communities can apply. Applications can be accepted at any time and are assessed on a case by case basis.  Write us a letter with your request or if appropriate use an application form for either aged care support or disability or long term health condition support(Click links to download forms)