Scholarships for Residents of Bena, Loch, Nyora, Poowong and Surrounding Areas.

Greenhills Community Benevolent Society Incorporated has as one of its aims, the encouragement of local residents to attain tertiary qualifications.

Greenhills Community Benevolent Society Incorporated is pleased to announce that the next round of applications for the scholarships will be accepted from July 1st each year.


The scholarship is available to students attending an Australian university or tertiary institution or undertaking an apprenticeship in the current year. Preference will be given to those studying full-time and those studying Certificate 3 and above.

Students must have a residential connection with Bena, Loch, Nyora, Poowong or surrounding areas


Value of Scholarship:
The value of the scholarship is yet to be determined. The maximum value will be $1000 per year.

Students may reapply each year, up to 4 times. Those who have had 4 scholarships may be eligible for our education grants which must be applied for separately.


Assessment Process:
Applications will be assessed by the Greenhills Community Benevolent Society Incorporated Board. Short-listed applicants may be interviewed.

Please Note: The following criteria will be used for the assessment:

* Meets residency requirement ?

* Currently studying ?

* Lives a long way from home to study ?

* Distance Education ?

* Studying a necessary profession for the area ?

* Application required no follow up ?

* Presentation of application.

* Part Time student ?

* Response received for Morning Tea invitation ?

*Is it the 4th Application ?

* Is it the 5th Application ?

Applications will open on July 1st and must be received by 31st July.

The Greenhills Community Benevolent Society decision is final. Scholarships will be paid in early September.

All applicants will be notified of their results.

Application forms can be obtained from:
The President,
Greenhills Community Benevolent Society Inc.,

P.O. Box 26
Poowong, Vic. 3988


Education Scholarships

We provide scholarships to local students who are undertaking tertiary and further education. Any student who lives in the area or who has a connection to the area is eligible to apply. Students can apply for each year they study. Applications are open in June, close at the end of July and are presented in September.

The education & apprenticeship scholarships are just one of the many ways that Greenhills seek to strengthen and support the community of Loch and surrounding areas. Investing in young people is something that the committee feels very strongly about, however the committee must be able to justify all donated funds as worthwhile to both the recipient and the community. The application process for scholarships has therefore been designed with a particular set of requirements in mind, including the following points:

For many young people, this may be their first opportunity to make an application for a job or scholarship. As the open employment market is highly competitive, we have tried to make this application process similar to what applicants may experience in applying for a job or other position. Our expectations are similar to those of a possible employer – we require applications to be neatly and professionally presented, and to demonstrate considerable effort on the part of the applicant.

If applicants are reapplying in subsequent years, we expect that they will have had a range of new experiences, made a number of new contacts, and have developed new skills since the previous year. We expect this to be reflected in any new applications – eg. the answers through the application to have altered at least slightly, and for new references to have been provided that demonstrate growth in skills and maturity.
In order for the committee to consider an application, every element of the selection criteria must be completed. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

In the past some applicants have found it difficult to obtain written references rather than phone references. Our reasons for requiring written references reflect the nature of our committee. Committee members are involved in work with Greenhills on an entirely voluntary basis. Most of us are busy with other work, family, and community commitments, so we simply don’t have the time to follow up applications as may typically be expected. If you are really having trouble with any of this, we encourage you to contact us with your questions or concerns rather than simply sending in an incomplete application.


Jenny Watson,

President, Greenhills Community Benevolent Society Inc.

For more information and to apply please see the Education Scholarships application form.

Download tertiary study assistance form

Download apprenticeship training assistance form