Apprenticeship Scholarships for Residents of Bena, Loch, Nyora, Poowong and Surrounding Areas.

Greenhills Community Benevolent Society Incorporated has as one of its aims, the encouragement of local residents to qualify in a trade.

Greenhills Community Benevolent Society Incorporated is pleased to announce that the inaugural round of applications for Apprenticeship scholarships will be accepted from July 1st each year.


The scholarship is available to apprentices undertaking an apprenticeship in the current year.

Apprentices must have a residential connection with Bena, Loch, Nyora, Poowong or surrounding areas.


Value of Scholarship:
The value of the scholarship is yet to be determined.

The maximum value will be $1000 per year.

Students may reapply each year.


Assessment Process:
Applications will be assessed by the Greenhills Community Benevolent Society Incorporated Board. Short-listed applicants may be interviewed.

Please Note : The following criteria will be used during the assessment process:

* Meets residency requirement ?

* Currently studying ?

* Are you studying a necessary profession for the area ?

* Application requires no follow up ?

* Presentation of application.

* Part Time student ?

* Response received for Morning Tea invitation ?

Applications will open on July 1st and must be received by 31st July.

The Greenhills Community Benevolent Society decision is final.

Scholarships will be paid in early September.

All applicants will be notified of their results.


Download apprenticeship training assistance form